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Agfa Ortho Green Film

Agfa Ortho Green Film

Agfa Ortho Green Film (Ortho CP-GU M) is a general X-ray film that has been designed for use in general radiology in combination with green-emitting, intensifying screens. With its high system speed, this film solution allows considerable dose reduction in all processing conditions, while maintaining a constant and high image quality.

  • High-speed, universal, green-sensitive film
  • High contrast and low fog
  • Suitable for a complete range of applications
  • Standard 90 second processing
  • Excellent visualization across density levels
  • High image quality in all processing conditions

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Note: 14" x 36" Sizes are Agfa Radiomat G Plus Film

Product # Description Price (Ea.) Price (2-4) Price (5+) Quantity
55BN7 14" x 17", 100/box (Ortho CP-GU M) $112.00 $107.00 $104.00
55BUN 8" x 10", 100/box (Ortho CP-GU M) $40.00 $39.00 $38.00
55BTL 10" x 12", 100/box (Ortho CP-GU M) $58.00 $56.00 $55.00
55BK1 24cm x 30cm, 100/box (Ortho CP-GU M) $58.00 $56.00 $55.00
CXSEZQG7 14" x 36" Straight, 25/box (G Plus) $108.00 $104.00 $101.00