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Uni-Patch™ Uni-Tab Electrodes


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Uni-Patch™ Uni-Tab Electrodes

Product #: Uni-Tab

Price: $180.00

Self-adhering, single use stimulating electrodes for TENS/NMES/FES.

Uni-Patch™ Uni-Tab Stimulating Electrodes feature a thin and flexible design that can easily be trimmed to other shapes and sizes, making them a popular choice for clinical applications. Constructed with a tab connector for quick and easy set-up and disconnection, these electrodes are highly conformable and can be used on a variety of placement sites.

Available in the following sizes:
#7022: 2" x 2.25"
#7024: 4" x 2.25" (no longer available)

48 electrodes per package, 10 packages per box