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Uni-Patch™ Re-Ply Electrodes


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Uni-Patch™ Re-Ply Electrodes
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Uni-Patch™ Re-Ply ElectrodesUni-Patch™ Re-Ply Electrodes

Product #: Re-Ply

Price: $47.50

Self-adhering and reusable stimulating electrodes for TENS/NMES/FES.

Considered an all-time best-selling electrode, the Uni-Patch™ Re-Ply Stimulating Electrodes are economically constructed with a carbon film conductor, industry proven 25 mil hydrogel and a tough tricot backing for maximum durability through repeated treatments.

Available in the following sizes:
#650: 1.5" x 2" Oval, pigtail
#652: 2" Round, pigtail (no longer available)
#654: 2" Square, pigtail
#655: 2" Square, snap
#658: 2" x 4" Rectangle, pigtail (no longer available)
#659: 2" x 4" Rectangle, snap

4 electrodes per package, 10 packages per box

Features and Benefits:

  • A long-lasting 0.025-inch thick hydrogel for reliable adhesion that conforms well over body contours
  • A quick, moderately aggressive tack for firm, yet gentle, electrode-to-skin contact for multiple applications (10-14)
  • Flexible, durable, and highly conductive pigtail wire strands designed for multiple uses
  • Highly conductive carbon film for even current distribution
  • Durable tricot covers to help extend electrode life
  • The soft mold flex connector with secure lead wire adhesive technology features a socket that easily adapts to variations in pin size and provides a secure connection. Wire adhesive is designed to anchor the lead wire into the pad and diminish separation.
  • When done using the electrodes, return them to either side of the double-coated, tinted storage liner.