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Dura-Stick™ Plus Electrodes


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Dura-Stick™ Plus Electrodes

Product #: Dura-Stick Plus

Price: $50.00

Self-adhering and reusable stimulating electrodes for TENS/NMES/FES.

Dura-Stick™ Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes are Chattanooga brand's premium, yet most economical electrodes. They feature Permagel™ Hydrogel, which serves as a superior coupling agent to minimize skin-electrode resistance.

  • Permagel™ Hydrogel for conformability to body contours
  • Blue foam backing
  • Carbon conductive film incorporated into a flexible spun lace backing
  • Flexible and sturdy design for durability and ease of use

Available in the following sizes:
#42183: 2" Square
#42181: 2" x 3.5" Rectangle

4 electrodes per package, 10 packages per box