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DR Upgrade
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Product #: DR Upgrade

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With the knowledge and expertise from a company that is one of the largest independently owned medical imaging distributors in the US, we are now able to offer digital upgrade solutions.

20/20 Imaging DR Room Upgrade


20/20 Imaging brings 20/20 vision to your practice, offering a full line of dedicated Chiropractic solutions. Their versatile flat panel detectors can be configured in both a retrofit (existing x-ray equipment) as well as their brand new exclusive straight-arm configuration. At 20/20, they realize that one size does not fit all, so they provide systems built to your specific needs. This includes digital panels, an acquisition workstation, exposure interface, the latest computer technology, a full Opal-Chiro software package with comprehensive Chiro-Tools.

Also, don’t forget that you can now use your mobile device for viewing images with the mOPAL browser based viewer.

In addition, 20/20 Imaging has the best product warranties in the business.

20/20 Imaging CFPT Direct Digital Imaging System Features:

  • Revolutionary 17x17 Tethered or 14x17 Wireless TFT Cesium Flat Panel Detector Technology
  • "Point, Click & View" Process > 300 Images per Hour
  • Cassette Size
    • 16 Bit High Quality Image Transfer Interface
    • 3.6 lp/mm
    • Advanced Image Processing - Artifact Free & Consistent High Image Quality

DELL Precision 3420 High Resolution Diagnostic ACQ/Viewer Workstation:

  • DICOM Image Acquire and QC Software w/Grid Suppression
  • Analysis and Diagnostic Software
  • Window Level, Magnify, Zoom, Rotate,
  • Tools include Cobb Angle and Measurements
  • George's Line, Adv. Orthogonal, & Gonstead
    • Windows 10 Operating System
    • Intel Core i5-6500 Processor (Quad Core, 3.26GHz Turbo, 6MB with HD Graphics)
    • 2 x 1TB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive Raid 1 Config.
    • 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 for Precision Workstations
    • Tower Case
    • 24" DELL Touch Screen Monitor
    • Onboard Intel DVMT Video Card
    • CDRW Drive
    • Integrated Ethernet Controller and 56k Modem
    • 660VA Uninterruptible Power Supply
    • USB 2.0 Interface
    • Integrates to all DICOM Compatible PACS Software

Image Stitching SW Manual

DICOM Image Viewer Software Package:

  • Allows access to patient images from 2 CC WEB in-office/remote locations
  • Chiropractic Analysis and Diagnostic Software
    • Window Level, Magnify, Zoom, Rotate
    • Tools include Cobb Angle and Measurements
    • George's Line, Adv. Orthogonal & Gonstead

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery:

  • Included with first year
  • Full & Fast Recovery in a disaster event
  • Fully monitored to prevent data loss
  • Live synchronization

Installation & Applications Training

Six (6) Year Parts and Labor Warranty Available